Yoyo Tuki

Yoyo Tuki is an internationally acclaimed musician, visual artist, carver, storyteller, producer, researcher and proud cultural ambassador from the most remote inhabited island in the world - Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Home of the colossal Moai stone statues, this tiny Pacific island lies 37000 from Chile to the east and 4000 from Tahiti to the west. Yoyo and his people celebrate their strong living culture and speak a Polynesian language similar to Tahitian and New Zealand Māori. 

A prolific songwriter with a unique and powerful voice, Yoyo sings in Rapa Nui, Spanish and English, carrying a universal and inherently honest message, with strength in storytelling and guidance from ‘Kuhane O Te Tupuna’ (Spirit Of The Ancestors). 

Born into a culturally rich family, Yoyo developed a strong sense of identity and deep respect for his land and traditions. He was nurtured in particular by his grandfather ‘Mana Roa’ (Great Wisdom) a well known and widely respected Elder, a keeper of ancient wisdom and one of the island’s greatest carvers. As a child, Yoyo would listen to his grandfather’s stories, knowing the day would come when he would pass this wisdom to his own children. What he couldn’t have known then, was that his music would one day transmit a deep cultural message to not only his own people, but thousands throughout the world. 

From a young age Yoyo’s paintings and drawings won prestigious prizes, and he was invited to study under expert craftsmen. At the age of 15 a handmade wooden ukulele altered his life. Teaching himself the ukulele had a powerful effect on the teen, whose newfound passion for music then transferred to the strings of a guitar, and to the composition of his first songs. 

Notably Yoyo is also the first solo musician from his island to embark on repeated world tours, and now one of a small handful of Rapa Nui people based in Australia. From here he works tirelessly to promote, teach and share his culture and music. 

A talented visual artist, carver and graphic designer, Yoyo remarkably was also the first male actor to land a major role in an international feature film. In 1997 and at age 14 in the French feature ‘Le ile Au Bout Du Monde’. Together with Tiara Paoa and the islands treasured and iconic cultural fighter Ana Aida luz Huke (mama piru r.i.p). This was the first international film that had Rapa Nui actors in main roles. 

At age 19 Yoyo was signed by a major record label (Sony Music Chile) as the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for Rapa Nui band ‘Manaroa’. Following the release of their album ‘Al Sur del Sol’ and unfulfilled by the commercial aspect of the project, Yoyo embarked upon his own musical journey. 

Since this point he has released four full albums, with more in the way. His releases include  ‘Teuingahanga’, & ‘Taiko’ (2006), Hoko Manu’ (2011), Live at Vai Te Mihi’ (2022). His 2011 album ‘Hoko Manu’ took contemporary Rapa Nui music to a new level and established Yoyo’s place and influence on the islands’ musical legacy with its innovative arrangements and unique, finely-crafted songs and chants. It is still played widely and well known by all Rapa Nui people. 

Over the last 20 years Yoyo has forged an impressive and successful international career with many notable collaborations, especially with Pasifika / Austronesian high profile musical - cultural artist.  He has graced stages at major world music festivals and events in Germany, Spain, Holland, Norway, USA, Czech Republic, Iceland, Australia, Taiwan, Chile, and across Polynesia. He has performed exclusively for media outlets such as National Geographic, and is a key artist in the ongoing cross-cultural award winning ‘Small Island Big Song’ project. 

Like his ancestors who carved megalithic stone giants, Yoyo too is an artist with powerful & innovative abilities; Knowledgeable of the traditional including music, yet a pioneer in new fusions and contemporary explorations. A leading figure in the new Rapa Nui music that bridges both worlds with mastery. From a tiny spec of land in the vast Pacific Ocean, his songs continue to makes waves  Dubbed ‘the voice of Rapa Nui’, Yoyo dedicates his life to his music, art, family and deepening his spiritual learning while sharing his precious and rare culture with the world.


 Career Highlights 
Yoyo performs at COP28  as part of Small Island Big Song presentation

The live album 'Live at Vai Te Mihi' is published in the prestigious World Music magazine 'Songlines' - UK. receiving four stars and praising Yoyo’s international reputation. 

Renown international Taiwanese indigenous painter 'Yosifu' invites Yoyo to be one of the main characters in his exhibition of Austronesian indigenous culture ‘Embrace’. The artist made 3 portraits of Yoyo, then selected one of these as the official image of the exhibition. The exhibition was exhibited in different parts of Taiwan and received attention from the artistic media and the press. 

Yoyo performs an exclusive concert for National Geographic in the sacred beach of Anakena - Rapa Nui 

Winner of the best Asia / Pacific album by the prestigious magazine Songlines - UK as part of the award winning project Small Island Big Song. 

Yoyo is invited to be one of the key artists of the internationally award winning film & musical indigenous Austronesian project ‘Small Island big Song”, with whom they received outstanding international praises, awards and toured the world several times. 

Yoyo released his acclaimed album ‘Hoko Manu’ 

Yoyo wins the Tapati Rapa Nui Festival official poster with one of his paintings. This was displayed all over Rapa Nui during this massive cultural festivity, to thousands of visitors that attend the event and also local and international media. 

Yoyo releases his first solo album ‘Teuingahanga’ under the name of Yoyo Tuki. Few months later he released the album ‘Taiko’, with his Rapa Ni family band Ohiro Hiro. 

Yoyo establishes the family band Ohiro Hiro, with whom he released the album ‘Taiko’. 

Winner of ‘Ka Tangi Te Ako’ festival – Rapa Nui 

Yoyo is signed with Sony Music Chile as the leading vocalist, guitarist and songwriter  for Rapa Nui band Mana Roa. They release the album ‘Al Sur del Sol’ 

Winner of Quintai Festival – Chile 

Yoyo plays for the first time an instrument (Tahitian Ukelele) and starts writing his first songs. 

At the age of 14, Yoyo lands a role as one of the main Rapa Nui actors in the international French film  ‘Le Ile About Du Monde'. The first international film to have Rapa Nui actors in main roles. Yoyo is named ‘the first Rapa Nui actor (male)’ together with Tiare Paoa y Aida Luz Huke (Mama Piru r.i.p.) both the first female Rapa Nui actresses.