Workshops & Events

Rapa Nui Culture Talk Workshop

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is one of those places that has captivated the attention and imagination of many people from around the world since the first time European navigators set foot on its shores. Its mysticism, isolation, intriguing culture and world famous megalithic giant stone statues called “Moai” are an unresolved enigma to the world. Despite its fame, not many have much in depth knowledge about this small and remote Pacific island. Let Native Rapa nui musician, visual artist and cultural activist Yoyo Tuki guide you through the history, rich culture and mysteries surrounding his homeland. From their origins, arts and music, into an overview of today’s ways of living and the struggle to keep the traditions and cultural identity alive in a fast growing tourist destination and economy. This workshop will be followed by a Q & A session. 

Facilitators: Yoyo Tuki
Venue requirements: Proper space or venue, chairs, a writing board, projector.
Student requirements: none
Duration: 1hr
Note: This workshop is available for adults and schools. Please get in touch to further discuss.

Traditional Hoko Dance Workshop

Hoko is a traditional Rapa Nui dance that was performed in the past by warriors and high rank chiefs. Through Hoko, the ancient Rapa nui people would tell stories, prepare for ceremonies and lift up the spirit before going to war. Hoko is closely related to the Haka from New Zealand and it is mainly a war or warrior dance. Traditionally performed by man due to its dynamic and demanding physical movements, yet, Yoyo’s approach today welcomes both genders to join and experience it. To be able to dance or perform Hoko you need to follow a chant, which is generally accompanied by a traditional drumbeat. As you sing alongside the repetitive percussive drumbeat, you will use your body to express the lyrics of this chant. Once you’ve learned the chant, and become flown with the movements, a whole synchronised flow starts to happen and you find your body, voice and spirit working together. 

This is an introductory workshop, when Hoko is performed regularly and for long hours, it can become a powerful fitness tool that will strengthen your body’s muscles and help with your posture. It can also be a potent releasing and cleansing tool for the body and spirit, with its intense body movements and vocal chanting. If you want to connect with the Earth, feel grounded and get out of your head, while gaining physical fitness in a cultural-meaningful way, then Hoko might be a good discipline for you. In this workshop, you will be guided through each one of the moves and learn the meanings of the powerful chants.

Facilitators: Yoyo Tuki. Sometimes accompanied by 2 live percussionists.
Venue requirements: Suitable space-venue (ideally a dance or fitness room with a mirror. A nice clear outdoors area is suitable as well, PA system to connect IPOD.
Student requirements: Suitable and comfortable dressing, water, towel.
Duration: 1hr
Note: This workshop is available for adults and schools. Please get in touch to further discuss.

Ukelele & Music Workshop

The Ukelele’s popularity has become a worldwide sensation nowadays. No wonder why this little instrument well known for its Polynesian origins is so popular amongs musicians, especially travelers. Its sweet tone, simple easy chords and portability are responsible of its great popularity today. Yoyo has a background in Traditional music, as well as being a performer and singer songwriter of modern compositions. The Ukelele was the first instrument he played, just when we was 14, and today 20 years later he is a versatile yet skilled player who holds much knowledge about the instrument and the traditional playing techniques. In this workshop, Yoyo will teach you the very basics for you to get started on your journey with this instrument. Yoyo’s teachings uses a basic traditional Polynesian strumming pattern and simple chords to help your sense of rhythm become steady, while you find yourself getting familiar with the instrument (beginners).  Yoyo will use a traditional Rapa Nui song to teach you the very basics of this instrument, while you follow the strumming pattern and chords, he will sing along and guide you. For those more advanced, Yoyo can help you explore and deepen your knowledge and skills in the traditional styles. One on one private lesson is recommended for advanced students. 

Facilitator: Yoyo Tuki
Venue requirements: proper venue-space, chairs, instruments
Student requirements: Instrument
Duration: 40mins to 1hr 


Special Events

Rapa Nui Cultural Experience

A specially designed experience that offers a full immersion into Rapa Nui culture. An afternoon of workshops (Rapa Nui culture talk and traditional Hoko dance) followed by traditional pacific island food 'Umu' cooked the traditional island way in an earth oven. The cultural experience culminates with a world class music concert where the audience will be taken through a chronological journey. From very traditional music moving gradually towards more contemporary stuff. The show begins with a full traditional format, using only traditional instruments, customs and a selection of matching songs. As the show progresses, the instruments, customs and song selection will gradually change, evolving and taking the audience into to what it is Rapa Nui's most contemporary and front of the line music today.

This show is unique and offers the audience a one in a lifetime chance to experience the world's most isolated and remote culture.