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Yoyo Tuki is an internationally acclaimed musician, artist and proud cultural ambassador from the most remote inhabited island in the world - Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Home of the colossal Moai stone statues. 

Born into a culturally rich family, Yoyo developed a strong sense of identity and deep respect for his land and traditions at a young age. He now dedicates his life to his music, art, family and deepening his spiritual learning while sharing his precious and rare culture with the world. 

A prolific songwriter with a unique and powerful voice, he has released four popular albums with more on the way. Yoyo sings in predominantly in his  Rapa Nui language, but also Spanish and English, carrying a universal and profound message. His strong storytelling and guidance from ‘Kuhane O Te Tupuna’ (Spirit Of The Ancestors) woven throughout all he does. 

Over the last 20 years he has forged a successful international career and graced stages at major world music festivals and events worldwide. He has performed exclusively for media outlets such as National Geographic, and enjoyed collaborations with many other talented and well respected artists and cultural custodians across the Pacific. 

Like his ancestors who carved megalithic stone giants, Yoyo too is an artist with powerful & innovative abilities; Knowledgeable of the traditional including music, yet a pioneer in new fusions and contemporary explorations. A leading figure in the new Rapa Nui music that bridges both worlds with mastery. From a tiny spec of land in the vast Pacific Ocean, his songs continue to makes waves

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“Stand out tracks include ‘Hoko Manu’, ‘Ko Ngaro A’ and ‘Ka Tau Te Ra’a’. Having also being featured in two recent albums from the Small Island Big Song project. Tuki’s international reputation deserves to expand even further”. Songlines Magazine, UK

"A mana (Substance of presence) ringing out through his singing, music, art and performance, lifting us above our prejudices. Pioneering fusions of reggae, folk and funk with his mastery of Polynesian ukulele styles, Yoyo Tuki sings out for one of the most remote islands on Earth". Small Island Big Song

“From the very first note played on the conch shell, I knew it would be a special gig – love your music and your voice – a pleasure to have you play as part of the program. All the best, until we meet again” Damien Cassidy, Programming Manager RPAC (Redlands Performing Arts Centre) - Cleveland, Australia

"One of the Rapa Nui speakers that deserves to be highlighted is Yoyo Tuki, born and raised on Easter Island. Tuki is a musician and cultural ambassador for Rapa Nui. Member of a family of great cultural relevance, he was influenced by his grandfather "Mana Roa", one of the great sculptors of the island. With tours and festivals in Australia, Polynesia, South America, the United States and Europe, the musician is one of the most important artists in the Rapa Nui scene’". Cultura Do Resto Do Mundo, Brazil

¨How awesome was the Saturday night Twilight Session with Yoyo Tuki, The venue was packed and pumping with this wonderful island sound¨.   
O´Heart Festival 2018 - Tyalgum, Australia

"Yoyo Tuki, the voice of the island Rapa Nui"
"His songs reclaim Rapa Nui culture, communion with nature and the respect for the ancestors of the place. An artist that is different, committed with the idea of promoting the culture of his ancestral people. The Rapanui voice, the voice, with music and lyrics from the most isolated island of the world"
 La Contradejaen, Spain

"Yoyo Tuki is a talented musician and visionary artist from Rapa Nui, mixing tradition and musical styles ( jazz , fusion, pop, folk ... ). Through his songs he carries the message of union of the Polynesians, pride of their origins and the conservation of these, in an ocean as vast as Europe.". My-Tahiti, The social Polynesian network, Tahiti 

"Yoyo Tuki has been performing music since he was 17, and mostly in his 
Rapa Nui language. In fact, maintaining Rapa Nui culture and promoting and 
preserving the traditional language is at the heart of his creative 
process musically." 
Pacific Break - ABC Radio, Australia 

"Yoyo sings predominantly in his native Rapa Nui language, yet successfully fuses Polynesian roots with modern  arrangements and intricate melodies. An enchanting mix: From calm emotive songs, to reggae influenced tunes,  
to culture inspired music. The crowd was entranced to the last chord." 
Go to the article: The Norfolk Window, Norfolk Island   
"Yoyo Tuki is ready to conquer the Pacific with his Rapa Nui roots music." 
 Go to the article: Les Nouvelles, Tahiti​

Important stages & performances

Rapa Nui - Tapati Rapa Nui Festival

UAE, Dubai - COP28 2023
UAE, Abu Dhabi - Nyuad Arts Center 
Chile, Santiago - Centro Ceremonial Penalolen
Rapa Nui, Anakena Beach - Exclusive performance for National Geographic 

Australia, Adelaide - Womadelaide 2022
Australia, North Stradbroke Island - Island Vibe Festival 2022
Australia, Karragarra Island - Tide Festival 2022
Australia, Brisbane - Asia Pacific Pavilion 2022
Australia, Brisbane - Brisbane Festival 2022
Australia, Tasmania - Nayri Niara Good Spirit Festival 

Australia, Brisbane QLD - Stage Sessions, Redlands Performing Arts Centre
Australia, Stradbroke island QLD - Island Vibe Festival 2021
Australia, Brisbane QLD - Brisfest 

Rapa Nui, Anakena Beach - Exclusive performance for National Geographic 
Australia, Woodford QLD - Woodford Folk Festival

Germany, Rudolstadt - Rudolstad Festival 
Czech Republic, Ostrava - Colours of Ostrava Festival
Taiwan - Amis Music Festival / Container Arts Festival 
National Geographic - Exclusive Worldwide online concert  
Australia, Stradbroke Island QLD - Island Vibe Festival 

Spain, Alcala la real - Etnosur Festival
Norway, Forde - Forde Festival 
USA, Texas - SXSW
Taiwan, Taoyuan - Taoyuan International Indigenous Music Festival 
Rapa Nui - Tapati Rapa Nui Festival 

Taiwan, Taipei - World Stage Design 

Rapa Nui - Tapati Rapa Nui Festival 

Rapa Nui - Tapati Rapa Nui Festival 
Australia, Sydney - Wanderlust 

Australia, Melbourne - Australasian World Music Expo 

Australia, Woodford - Woodford Folk Festival

Rapa Nui - Tapati Rapa Nui Festival 

Tahiti, Papeete - Toata supporting Matato’a 

Chile, Santiago - Teleton Estadio nacional
(as part of Sony Music Chile band Mana Roa) 


Rapa Nui Culture Talk
Traditional Rapa Nui 'Hoko' dance Workshop
Ukelele & Rapa Nui Song Workshop
Rapa Nui Art & Symbology Workshop